Naval Square, Philadelphia, PA

Friday, June 22, 2018


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      Welcome to Naval Square, Philadelphia, PA.

***  This condo is rented and will be available on August 1, 2016.   If you would like to purchase the condo, please contact us.  The condo rents for $1,900 per month which includes parking.  Great investment!  ***


Naval Square is your haven in the heart of the city - luxurious, private and secure. Yet just minutes from your front door you’ll find grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants. Fine dining is raised to an art form in Philadelphia. From the casual outdoor cafés to elegant, renowned restaurants, the area offers eclectic dining to suit all tastes and occasions. Visit the trendy restaurants near Fitler Square, only three blocks from Naval Square, take a walk along Walnut Street and enjoy a gourmet meal, or experience world-class dining in the Rittenhouse Square area. The ever-popular South Street and Old City areas are well-known for their exciting nightlife.  From the moment you enter through the grand historic gates, to the awe-inspiring view of Biddle Hall's classic architecture and lush parade ground (20 acres), Naval Square reveals a grand setting and lifestyle unlike any other in Philadelphia.

The History:
In the early 19th century, the Naval Home property, a National Historic Landmark, served as the first home of the U.S. Naval Academy and as the nation’s first retirement home for sailors and marines. The building was designed in 1826 by William Strickland, one of the most influential architects in American history. The original setting of the parade ground in front of Biddle Hall, and the flanking Governor’s and Surgeon General’s residences will be preserved, and provide an ideal place to walk and meet neighbors.

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